The Best Micro Bikinis on Amazon

Looking for a truly daring bikini? Amazon is full of great tiny slinky bikinis which are actually pretty decent … However finding the right fit and style can be a challenge. So we’ve gone through the best micro bikinis on Amazon to help you find the best ones for your next beach trip.

Whether you’re sunning yourself by the pool, flaunting your stuff on the beach or partying like a rock star at a festival, a micro bikini can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Check out our fave itsy been teeeeeeeeny weeeeeny bikinis on Amazon!

Sparkly G String Set

High waisted micro bikini on amazon

How hot is this micro bikini set? The high waisted thing will really accentuate your legs, as if you needed anything else accentuated in this outfit. This epic micro bikini is available in black, red or white.

Would also pair amazingly with a festival outfit such as mesh dress or top.

And at only £12.99, it’s a steal too.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Leopard Print Micro G String Bikini

this beautiful slinky bikini will show off your curves

Unleash your inner wild cat with this amazing micro bikini. Despite the image, the reviews do mention it is better for small busted girls. So if you’re fuller figured, this might not be for you. But a definite add to the basket for girls in the UK8-12 size range.

At £18.00 on Amazon this is a great bikini.

Gorgeous Shiny Brazilian Bikini Set

Sexy brazilian bikini on amazon

There is something so cool about this bikini… It might be the high waisted bikini bottoms, or maybe the shiny fabric. But one thing is for sure, if you’re looking for a quality bikini on Amazon, this is a definite buy.

Reviews suggest that the colour is perfect, and there are also removable padding for the cups.

At just £24.99 this is a great bikini on Amazon

Stringy Tie Sided Micro Bikini

Cool tie sided bikini from amazon

OMG, I LOVE this bikini. Well, OK yes maybe the model does it lots of favours, but this is exactly what I look for in a bikini. First of all, it’s simple. No silly crossy over bits, just a nice triangle bikini top, tie sided bikini bottoms and (for me) just the right amount of coverage.

And as if that wasn’t the difficult bit… This bikini also comes in a range of gorgeous patterns and colours.

See below…

stylish floral bikini on amazon

Whats a girl to do? No, seriously.

This awesome bikini is available on Amazon for just £25.99.

Gorgeous Brazilian Thong Bikini Set

I love this amazon bikini set in brazilian style thong

If you didn’t immediately fall in love with this bikini and try and order it in 4 different colours already, what are you even doing on this site. I mean look at it? What’s not to love? I absolutely adore the metal fasteners which add a great little detail here. And if you read the reviews everyone is totally loving this suit.

No joke, I actually ordered 2 (one in this orange colour and one in black).I’ll share some of the images on my Pinterest when they arrive, so stay tuned!

Order your awesome bikini on Amazon for £25.99

Getting the right micro bikini

One of the things about buying a micro bikini is that you really do need to make sure that fit is right. Double check your bust size, especially if you haven’t been measured lately. And check it against the size chart for your Amazon micro bikini. They usually have a chart in the images somewhere.

For pear shaped girls, yes, it can be tricky to get the right fit down stairs. But if you’re getting a tie sided bikini, you can usually do some nifty adjustments.

Check our guide to getting the best bikini for your body shape.