How to Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body Type

Summertime is all about showing off your body – including all your curves and perfections. This is also the time to go to the beach or the pool and have some fun, but for that, you need the right bikini. Whether you are fine with any cut, or you have some slight confidence issues, I’m here to guide you along to the swimwear that is going to make this summer for you.

Bottom heavy

Yeah, comparing a woman’s body to a pear is disrespectful, so let’s stick with reality: this body type carries their weight in their lower half, meaning that they will need a bigger size for their bottoms and a smaller one for their top.

This body type usually needs a bit more coverage when it comes to their bottoms too, since it can be a bit scary to show off so much skin on your backside, but if you are comfy with a brazilian bikini, then all the more power to you! Although you might have a little bit of a belly too and since women are often insecure of this, you can also go with high-waisted bottoms, or something with a little ruching or crinkle (not that you need to, FUPAs were considered a work of art once).

A bottom heavy body needs a top to go with this though, since you don’t want to be drawing all of the attention down there. Because of this, you should wear a top that either has a fun neckline or a vivid print that can draw the eyes right in. You can also wear a fun cut, since smaller top sizes come in all shapes and they will balance out your beach look.

Top heavy

People with fuller busts and smaller backsides are the ones who belong in this category, although sometimes this body type is called an “inverted triangle”.

First of all, if you have a really full bust, one that either hurts your back or makes your bra straps dig right into your skin, then you should pay really close attention to the support. There are plenty of bikinis with wider straps and designs that are made so that you can be comfortable while swimming, but also look great. However, if you can’t find something in the “bikini” section, you should probably try athletic wear, as they provide an even better structure and more support. Also, be careful with the necklines, since the cheaper types of bikinis will come in bigger sizes but won’t actually account for how bigger breasts will sit within the fabric. Because of this, your nipple might sit higher than you would like and I’m sure you don’t want a nip-slip in the middle of a beach day.

Depending on your buttocks you can also play around with the style of your bottoms. Those who are flatter on their backside should try wider styles, while those who have a little bit to show off can rock bottoms that are meant to accentuate and… Well, flatter and make your butt look bigger.

Petite figures

You might not have much to work with either on top or on bottom, and that is perfectly fine. You can still show off a ton of skin (and you should, you look awesome!).

Petite figures go best with fun designs and cuts. You can wear vivid colors, with animal prints, necklines that would never work on someone with a bigger bust and you can absolutely slay in brazilian bikinis. The only key for your body type is that you need to go all out with the fun parts, or stick to one solid color and a simple cut. Varying these two will bring attention only to your top or your bottom and it might make you look a little unbalanced.

Pro tip: if you are really petite, you can even try the kids’ section, as their prints and colors can be even better than the adult ones.


This is the ideal body type in today’s world, so objectively speaking, you could be wearing absolutely anything and people around you would still consider you hot. However, if you want to accentuate all your perfect little curves, then you absolutely can.

First of all, high-waisted bottoms are a must, even if you don’t have a tummy and are flat as an ironing board. This will draw the eye right to the point at your hips where it slowly goes into your waist, making it look even smaller. Solid colors are usually better, since you don’t want all the attention on your bottom area, you just want your waist to look nicer.

Now, for your top, you have several options. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to use something really small, but fun (vivid colors or designs). Once again, this can accentuate your curves, but they will also go very well with a solid-colored bottom. You can also choose a simpler design, but in this case you should go with an unusual cut. A cross-wrap halter bikini top could be the perfect start, as they will lead the attention from your cleavage to your neck and then right to your face.

Final thoughts

In the end, you can wear whatever you want, but as women this is the perfect time to reclaim our confidence. If wearing something tiny and fun is your thing, and it makes you feel just right, then you should! If you want to follow tips on the internet to get that little confidence boost, then absolutely go for it, and I hope this little bit helped.

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