The Bikini Buying Guide

Buying a bikini can be a daunting task for some women. Your body image can be affected by how you feel about the way you look, and this could make it difficult to find a bikini that fits well and makes you feel confident in your own skin. However, there are many benefits to wearing bikinis: they’re comfortable, stylish and versatile – not just for swimming but also as an everyday outfit choice. If you’re thinking about buying one but don’t know where to start or what style would suit your body shape best, then this guide should help!

What to Look for When Buying a Bikini

When buying a bikini, it’s important to consider factors like size, fit, style, and color. Knowing your size is crucial, and you can find it by measuring yourself and comparing the measurements with those given on the product description page. The fit of your bikini should be comfortable and flattering, but not too tight or loose. A good way of checking this is by trying on different sizes in-store or ordering multiple sizes online and returning those that don’t fit well enough (if they allow returns). Bikinis come in many different styles, so make sure that whichever one you choose matches your personal preferences. When it comes to colors, it depends entirely on what colors look best on your skin tone.

Types of Bikinis for UK-Based Women

There are various types of bikinis available for UK-based women. Brazilian bikinis are a type of swimsuit that covers the buttocks while leaving most of the genital area exposed. Micro bikinis expose much more skin than other styles, including around 80% or more of your butt cheeks (and sometimes even more). Halter bikinis have straps that go over your shoulders and around your neckline, making them easy to put on without help. Bandeau bikinis have no backside coverage, with straps going across each side strap together under each breast area.

How to Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body Type

There are different body types, and it’s crucial to choose a bikini that suits your shape. Pear-shaped bodies have wider hips than bust, while apple-shaped bodies have a smaller waist than hips and bust. Hourglass body types have roughly the same size and shape for hips and bust measurements. Athletic body types have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and small breasts.

How to Feel Confident in Your Bikini

To feel confident in your bikini, focus on what you like about your body and practice positive self-talk. Wear something that makes you feel good and ensures it’s the right size for your body. Find a bikini that fits your style, and if it doesn’t, find one that does!

Tips for Shopping for a Bikini

When shopping for a bikini, browse various styles and compare prices. Try on different sizes and read reviews or ask for advice from friends or family members who have purchased bikinis in the past, if possible.

Accessorizing Your Bikini

Accessorizing your bikini can make it more stylish and functional. Sunglasses, especially aviators or cat-eye shapes, are essential. A wide-brimmed hat will keep you shaded from the sun and add style to your look. You’ll need a beach bag to carry all your stuff and flip flops for walking around the beach or poolside area since they offer more support than regular sandals while still allowing air flow.

How to Care for Your Bikini

To care for your bikini, rinse it after each use and hand wash it. Hang it to dry and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent damage to the fabric or fading of colors over time. Avoid putting your bikini in the dryer as this can cause shrinkage that will make it harder for you to fit into next season.


Your bikini is a reflection of who you are, and it’s important to feel confident in your swimwear. If you’re looking for a new bikini, there are many options out there that will suit your body type and personality. Consider different styles of bikinis, know what fits best before buying, and remember that it’s all about feeling good in your skin.